The Artists

Our label designs feature the work of several extremely talented artists.   We also feature guest artists on limited edition bottles and specialty items.   If you have an idea for a label design, contact us!

Featured Artist - Annie Kitchell
2020 Country Red

Annie Kitchell is enrolled at Kutztown University and is actively pursuing Communication Studies and Fine Art.  Annie hopes to embark on a journey that marries her love of art and graphic design.

Brian Lehman - Reserve, Chambourcin, Blaufrankish & Riesling (2020)

My creative endeavors are carved from my life experiences.  Balancing a hectic schedule and family life, I now tailor my once large image-making habits to fit my lifestyle.  Carrying my pocket-sized sketchbook everywhere I go allows me to take advantage of every spare moment.  Waiting in a doctors office, standing in line at Starbucks, family camping trips, church services, meetings at work all become platforms for capturing what I see and hear.  

This image produced by Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery was fashioned after a sketch created the summer of 2015 when I traveled for two months from coast to coast visiting State and National Parks with my family. My sketches have come to be a visual record of my life. I strive to live by the credo, “Not a day without a line.”

Keith is an artist and Illustrator living in Columbia PA.
Artwork Featured On : Explorer Chardonnay,  Explorer Tannat

Russell Helms - Goblin Alchemy

Russell Helms is a professional graphic designer and illustrator. A native Texan, Russell was brought up on comic books, Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, and Heavy Metal which may explain his passion for all things fantasy. Russell’s favorite fantasy artists are Frank Frazetta and Den Beauvais. In his spare time, Russell draws, plays tabletop games, and spends time with his wife, daughters and their families, and grand kids.

Dr. Jaime Linn Brown

Jaime is a professional art educator at Hempfield School District.

She holds a Masters degree in Art Education from Millersville and an Educational Doctorate from Kutztown University.

Jaime’s Artwork is featured on these labels.
  • Comfy Couch
  • Cherry
  • Deerfoot Mead
  • Country Rose
  • Norton Port
  • Patriot Blueberry