Our Team

Dan - The Winemaker

Dan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State and an A.A.S in Enology. (winemaking) 

He is currently taking a break from his career to raise his son and be a better winemaker. Dan grew up here on the farm and is deadly accurate with a weed-whacker.   

Dan doesn’t talk much but he has made a promise to be more active on social media.  He makes exciting videos about cleaning stuff.

Jaime - The Boss

Jaime is a professional art educator at Hempfield School District. 

She is an incredible singer, a fantastic artist, and a lover of Dinosaurs.  This whole thing is really sort of her fault since when they met, Dan didn’t even like wine.  

She holds a Masters degree in Art Education from Millersville University and a Doctorate in Transformational Teaching and Learning at Kuztown University.

David - Farmer Brown

David has 50+ years of farming experience and always seems to find a way to fix whatever crisis is currently happening. 

He is the vineyard manager and is often spotted near the tasting room ambushing guests with unexpected stories about the history of the farm.


Jason Heaslet - The Mead Master

Jason is the Mead guru and provides the vision behind Goblin Alchemy. 

He has been making mead for many years and partnered with Deerfoot to launch their brand.​

Chase Heaslet - The Cellar Rat

Chase is the newest member of the team and the brand ambassador for Goblin Alchemy. 

He is also rapidly becoming a valuable apprentice in the winery and the Siren Song mead is his recipe.  It recently won a best of show award from the American Wine Society and a score of 94/100!  Great job Chase!