Dragon Heart (Raspberry Mead)



The first batch of Dragon Heart sold out in three months… we are on our THIRD batch of this wine making it one of the clear favorites!

Made from locally sourced Red Raspberries co-fermented with Honey.  This is a little sweeter than our Goblin Alchemy and a fantastic rich raspberry flavor.



Current year – 2020 – Gold, American Wine Society National Competition (Virginia)   93 / 100

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Dragon Heart starts its life as Goblin Alchemy.  We use the same honey but then add a boat load of locally sourced Raspberries and co-ferment it with the honey for about 2 weeks.  This extracts the awesome color and provides the rich raspberry flavor.  After fermentation the raspberries are removed and the mead is gently filtered to remove ‘the cloud’ of raspberry bits and we are left with a vibrant red colored delicious mead.

500ml bottle